Alfie Strong 5

Alfie Strong’s work aims to reduce observations and interests into a component set of lines, colours and shapes. Attributing meaning to every formal quality in his work and taking into consideration the very specific use of material and processes that reflect his constant research efforts.Many works heavily reference ritual, superstition, belief and folk lore. Not content to merely lift ideas from these subjects a conscious effort is made to re-invent them with the idiosyncrasies of subjective art making. Through cult aesthetic and formal roots his works seem strangely powerful and intriguingly un-human in the way they sit, appear and behave, coming across as a set of analytically placed tools and props for a kind of self-manifested belief system; in particular a belief-system that’s commandments are stationed in art and the ritual of art making.Strong’s ideas always stem from observations of, and questions about contemporary life. With these combined ideas of ritualisation and then formalisation his work becomes an investigation into how shape, size and colour can conjure more than just a spatial impact.

Alfie Strong  has exhibited with BasementArtsProject as part of SCIBase at
‘Bring A Box’ Stockholm Independent Art Fair Supermarket 2012
‘INHOSPITABLE’ Liverpool Independents Biennial 2012       CLICK HERE for documentation
‘INHOSPITABLE 1.1′ Leeds 2012      CLICK HERE and HERE for documentation