Dodd’s installations are mainly produced from recycled paper or other discarded materials. Her re-use of materials does not just bring new life to an otherwise redundant item, the material often remains evident in the installations, recognisable for what it once was, having been selected originally to reflect a concern.

Dodd’s work is often rooted in environmental issues and she uses her work as a platform to reflect concerns about our actions, mostly our consumption and our environmental responsibility.

Compelled to work in multiples her artwork is produced in an obsessive manner, repeating mundane actions in excess over many months or even years. Her work is most often inspired by pattern and shape found in nature and in working in multiples she mimics life, growth and regeneration.

Julie Dodd has exhibited with BasementArtsProject as part of SCIBase at
‘Bring A Box’ Stockholm Independent Art Fair Supermarket 2012
‘INHOSPITABLE’ Liverpool Independents Biennial 2012       CLICK HERE for documentation
‘INHOSPITABLE 1.1′ Leeds 2012     CLICK HERE and HERE for documentation