Kaye and West

Sean Kaye and Jenny West have worked collaboratively since 2006. An investigation of the possibilities of translation, together with the employment of symmetry, reflection, inversion and doubling has become central to their practice. Their practice explores these concerns through four ongoing projects which embrace a range of media including drawing, video and text.

Sean Kaye & Jenny West were longlisted for the Northern Art Prize 2013.

Jenny West has also recently exhibited at M-E-X-I-C-O, Leeds. The Institute of Jamais Vu, London and blip blip blip, Leeds.

Sean Kaye is part of the artist duo Leeds United who have recently exhibited at blip blip blip, Leeds, the Edinburgh Art Festival, The Institute of Jamais Vu, London and PSL Leeds.

Kaye & West have exhibited with BasementArtsProject as part of SCIBase at
‘INHOSPITABLE: The Collaborations’ Liverpool Independents Biennial 2012       CLICK HERE for documentation
‘INHOSPITABLE 1.1′ Leeds 2012     CLICK HERE and HERE for documentation