Samela Otoviç

10.07.15 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Counterplay Postcard FINAL

‘Counterplay’ is the second in a series of three exhibitions by Samela Otoviç that began in July 2014 with ‘It Will Come To Me’. This year’s exhibition take’s as it’s central conception ideas surrounding the use and misuse, appropriation and in-appropriation of technology in society. Is technology the voice of the people or a tool of the state?

Over the course of the last year Otoviç’s work has taken a playful look at weighty subjects such as surveillance and her position as a person of dual nationality. For ‘Counterplay’ she is developing a new piece of work that will further develop these themes.

Samela Otoviç is a second year BA Hons Fine Art student and the winner of the ‘Edna Lumb Travel Prize’ for 2015
Other 2015 exhibitions include ‘In Addition‘ & Model; Leeds, ‘In The Seam’ Link Gallery; Manchester and ‘Duck Duck Goose’ DIY Gallery, Leeds

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Honourable mentions go to David Cotton and Toby Lloyd (of Lloyd-Wilson) for their technical support and Sally Bagnall for her much appreciated catering contributions