DWF1 | Interiors | Negative Collage Portraits | Psycho Psycho

Garry Barker | Alistair Woods | Benjamin Hughes

14.08.12 8pm - 10pm

interior with black shapes
Garry Barker | Interiors
Divided We Fall is a city wide collaborative arts event that will take place across Leeds during March 2013. Interiors | Negative Collage Portraits | Psycho Psycho is one of several events taking place around the city as a precursor to the 2013 events

With exhibitions, performance, music and an open submissions event DWF is commissioning opportunities for new artworks whilst highlighting the ongoing work of the indigenous art scene

DWF Aims to establish strong links between artists, organisations and audiences across Leeds and within the wider national art scene

For Documentation of this event please visit ‘Interiors | Negative Collage Portraits | Psycho Psycho’ on the DWF site: Writing by Garry Barker, Lydia Catterall and Bruce Davies

For further reading on Divided We Fall please visit ‘DWF Does Not Exist’

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