22.11.14 10am - 23.50

An offsite exhibition by BasementArtsProject

Alisia Casper ‘I’m Here All Weak’

Bruce Davies ‘Unsentimental Journey’

Phill Hopkins ‘Explosions’

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Situated across two units in the Leeds Corn Exchange BasementArtsProject will be showcasing the work of three Leeds based artists who also exhibit their work nationally and internationally.
Alisia Casper 
Alisia has always loved to paint, snap, make a racket, & draw; we all know the sweet distraction of a good doodle; the brief healing oblivion of singing a song. Alisia was diagnosed with the chronic condition Fibromyalgia in 2009 and it was drawing that got her through the difficult times… initially taking the form of a series of pen and ink drawings called ‘Sick & Tired’. Unfortunately her health continued to deteriorate and her symptoms became so severe that for some time she was bed-bound, and eventually could no longer hold a pen. Using the trackpad on her laptop along with the software ‘Paintbrush’ to continue her therapeutic, necessary and favourite activity; the aim being to make at least a drawing a day- this series is called ‘PC Paint’/ ‘Computer Drawings’. Alisia also makes music, creates videos and photographs the world as she moves through it, large and small as that world can be. Her work seems sweet at first encounter before revealing itself as uncanny and dark, a common mortal taste shared from her to us. ALISIA CASPER
Bruce Davies
Unsentimental Journey takes as its starting point the artworks presented by Bruce Davies at 3rd on 3rd Gallery in Jamestown and uses them as the basic materials for a revised edition of the same work. The artwork is a collection of books and audio recordings all with individual titles and produced over a number of years; here the idea is to extend an already fractured narrative based on memory to create an artwork that evolves and mutates over an elongated period of time, reconfiguring old works to become elements in something new.
Phill Hopkins
Drawing is at the centre of everything that I do. Not only is it at the core of my practise as an artist, but, possibly more importantly, it allows me to be tethered to and in myself and the world. Moreover, these two areas are in fact one and the same. My drawing is immediate, sometimes dealing with narrative and at other times devoid of story. Drawing allows ideas to come into being; the channel from imagination to reality. I use materials and images in a similar way; that is, I buy, acquire or find; self-sufficiency in the place where I live and work or the places I travel through and to. I am constantly foraging in the flotsam and jetsam of the tide line. Lately my drawings have, perhaps, started to walk that line between themselves and painting. PHILL HOPKINS