14.04.12 7pm - 11pm

TEN is an experiment/ambient band from Leeds and London England which is led by musician Dominic Deane. Ten started out as a solo project in April 2009 by Dominic Deane.


Ten’s sound combines piano, acoustic and electric instruments, sparse percussion, which is then moulded around a backdrop of tape hiss, ambient field recordings, and beautiful super8 footage to create a beautiful sound-scape that moves from slow, eerie and melancholic to pulsating and optimistic. They have previously supported Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Esmerine (GodSpeed) and Grasscut and have toured around the UK, Europe and America. With a revolving cast of guest musical contributions from Jonathan Fryer (Guitar) Angela Chan (Viola), Andy Moore (Trumpet), and Florence Fawcett (Cello).

“Highly recommended” – Fluid Radio

“Very pretty” – Norman Records

“Ten sent waves of soporific sound across the becalmed listeners” – Bearded Magazine

“Opening up slow-motion worlds of blue-ish and silver hues and gradually evolving harmony. Fragments of narrative-like melodies break in and out – see the nylon string guitar parts, accordion interjections and harmonium lines – but lightly-bowed viola and keys dominate, drifting through moments of dissonance as they interweave.” – Leeds Music Scene