Now that the summer is upon us BasementArtsProject is taking some time away from the exhibition cycle to prepare our exhibitions for the last part of 2016 and into 2017. Whilst we do this we will be leaving the current exhibition, Samela Otoviç | What Goes Around Comes Around, installed for anyone who wishes to view it by appointment during the summer months.

To view by appointment contact
Bruce Davies
0750 672 1504

BasementArtsProject. 28 Back Burton Terrace. Beeston. Leeds. LS11 5JH
Samela Otoviç
Samela Otoviç | What Goes Around Comes Around

If one thing can be guaranteed about the work of Samela Otoviç it is that nothing is guaranteed. Just when you think you have seen it all Otoviç has a habit of pulling out yet another project to trump the last one.

The incredibly fertile imagination of this young artist has seen her win the Edna Lumb Travel Prize in 2015 resulting in a sky dive into the grand canyon as part of the project, and reach the end of her degree with a raft of solo and group exhibitions to her name. Alongside this she has curated a group exhibition in Albania and exhibited as part of the Four Words exhibition in Liverpool.

What Goes Around Comes Around continues to explore issues surrounding control, borders, surveillance and exploitation, this time with a focus on charitable acts and the culture surrounding giving in the twenty-first century.